The Simple Golf Swing By David Nevogt – How To Reduce Your Handicap Successfully

simple golf swingThe Simple Golf Swing- Cut Your Handicap Now!

David Nevogt has created a highly effective strategy for golfers called “the simple golf swing.” In his guide, he outlines 5 simple steps that golfers can use to develop a reliable golf swing. This system has been designed for beginner and intermediate players. Nevogt assures us that, with his simple golf swing, we all can improve our golf game significantly compared to anything we’ve experienced before. With his strategy, we’ll also reduce our golf handicap by up to a dozen strokes.

The tutorial covers every aspect of the simple golf swing, using a step-by-step approach. The major element in the system is teaching you how to put your backbone into your golf swing. To get the most out of your swing, your spine needs to be on an ideal swing plane. The guide will teach you how to use your backbone in the form of an axis. This will help ensure you are performing golf shots in the most effective way.

It is also essential to hold the club correctly to increase the yardage on all of your shots. This tutorial provides guidelines on how to hold your golf club correctly, how to time your swing, and how to aim the club head. The recommendations Nevogt provides will really help you get rid of your golf slice along with other bad habits that have hurt your performance, landing your golf ball far from the greens.

So what exactly can you accomplish when you use the Simple Golf Swing strategy and program? This book will provide you with many benefits. New golfers will be able to learn the program’s swing motion easily in about three hours. You will be able to cut seven shots off your golf handicap within your first few rounds of play. Within a few weeks you will be able to cut as many as a dozen strokes from the golf handicap that you hold currently. After the second week, Nevogt guarantees you will be playing the best golf you’ve ever played in your life. Your shots will go farther than they ever have, and you will be able to maintain this great driving distance with precision and accuracy.

Having problems reaching the greens? This tutorial offers several tips not only to help you reach the putting green but also consistently land your golf ball close to the flag. Nevogt reports that 9 out of 10 golfers find his strategy to be valuable.

You won’t be transformed into Tiger Woods from using the Simple Golf Swing method. However, Nevogt does claim that his system will raise your golf game to a whole new level that will enable you to play a reliable and decent game of golf on a consistent basis.

7 Great Bonuses Beginner Golfers Will Love

Seven bonus books are included with the main guide. They include strategies on:

  • Bunker play
  • Putting
  • Fitness
  • Chipping
  • Mental preparation

Your bonuses also include the 515 Yard Drive, by Mike Austin, and updated information on the Simple Golf Swing method. In the content, you will get access to each new tutorial created by Nevogt that relates to his Simple Golf Swing method. For example, currently he is preparing a written report entitled “Ten Simple Drills to Ensure Solid Impact.” This will be provided to you completely free of charge. Check out David’s first-rate simple golf swing training now and get the Setup chapter free!

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