Historians agree that the Scots were the first golfers to become addicted to the sport. After all, King James II of Scotland banned golf in an act of Parliament on March 6, 1457, because it was interfering with combat drills. So we know that the Scots were a bit fanatical about their golf, but did they invent the great game? That question is not quite as easy to answer. Who invented golf? Was it the Scots? or the Chinese? or the Dutch? It depends on whom you ask. The history of golf remains a topic of debate even today.
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The great game has inspired more than its share of unforgettable and frustrating moments. Golf is a game that inspires strong feelings; you either love it or hate it. For most of us who have ever picked up a club and pursued that little white ball across a fairway, it’s an instant love affair. No matter how many times that little ball breaks our heart, we can’t wait to get out there and continue the pursuit once again. Why? Because every once in a while, with one swing of our trusty club, we manage to make pure music with the little white ball. Like most love affairs, golf has inspired more than its fair share of words written in celebration, sometimes in lament, of the one that got away. Here, we share 50 famous golf quotes for the ages from everyone from golf legends to comedians.
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Want to become a better golfer faster? Keep score.

Always carry a golf scorecard with you on the course, even if you don’t plan to keep score. It’s optional, but not keeping score is creating an obstacle to your progress. A golf scorecard is a permanent record of your successes and challenges on each course. In this article, we look at:

  • Why it’s important to keep score
  • What the scorecard can tell golfers, especially beginners
  • What a good golf score looks like
  • How to keep score in golf

Let’s get started.
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