How Ben Hogan Perfected the Simple Golf Swing

Ask golf purists to rate the best swing in history among golf pros and you’ll hear Ben Hogan’s name more often than any other.

Known for his love for practicing his golf swing, Hogan was dubbed the man who “invented practice.”

What made Ben Hogan’s swing so revolutionary was that it seemed effortless and almost perfect every time. It was simple. And, of course, it wasn’t without effort. Ben Hogan’s simple golf swing had been perfectly honed during his daily hours on the practice range.

Tiger Woods described him as one of the few golfers ever to have “owned” his swing, meaning he mastered control.

How an Accident Nearly Ended Hogan’s Career Before It Took Off

At age 36, Hogan was involved in a major car accident that left him with multiple fractures, including his hip, and limited vision in his left eye. His doctors warned that he might never walk again.

But, through sheer will and dedication to habits that strengthened his body, he proved them wrong.

Hogan went on to win 64 PGA majors and to become known as one of golf’s greatest ball strikers. He might have won even more majors had his auto accident not left him unable to play more than 18 holes a day. At the time, many majors required 36 holes for several days in a row.

Hogan is one of five pros who won golf’s Grand Slam (all four majors – the Masters Tournament, the Open, the U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship). He won the Open (British) the first and only time he competed in it. The other four players who completed a Grand Slam were Gene Sarazen, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Tiger Woods.

His advantage was his uncanny ability to deliver a perfect simple golf swing during even the most stressful challenges.

Did Hogan’s Five Lessons Leave Out the “Secret Sauce”?

For more than 60 years, the professionals have tried to figure out how Hogan developed such a perfect swing.

He even wrote an instruction book, Five Lessons, on how to emulate his simple golf swing. Now considered a classic, the book is required reading for any serious student of golf. Still, few have been able to copy it. And virtually no one has been able to execute it with the consistency that Hogan did.

All this is despite numerous advances in golfing equipment and golf instruction aids since the days when Hogan played.

Professionals and golf historians have surmised that, in Five Lessons, a wily Hogan deliberately left out a secret or two to his “secret sauce” for achieving the perfect golf swing.

The Stress-Free Golf Swing Reveals the Secret to Golf’s Greatest Swing

Golf pro Jeff Richmond is convinced that not only has he identified the missing ingredient, but that he can teach others how to incorporate it into their own golf swing.

In his book the Stress-Free Golf Swing, Richmond explains how he identified Hogan’s secret after studying the swings of more than two dozen top golf professionals. Richmond spent countless hours studying video of each of the greats’ swings and comparing them to Hogan’s. And in one “aha” moment, he finally saw “it.”

Richmond was able to isolate one simple move by Hogan that he says golfers need to perfect. This move solves timing issues for golfers, and it is the focus of his training in the Stress-Free Golf Swing. And, according to Richmond, the move is so simple anyone can learn it in five minutes. It’s the key to achieving “consistent ball striking” and a more powerful “body-friendly swing.”

Master this one move and you will simplify and gain control over your swing. Richmond calls the method the “stress-free golf swing.” Check it out here while it’s still on sale.

The Stress-Free Golf Swing

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