Golf Swing Improvement

Follow Through - The Big Finish

The moment of impact was perfection. Your body was properly aligned and you struck the ball while aligned in the perfect impact position. You just completed your perfect swing. Right? Not so fast. After the impact comes the golf swing follow through. Failure to follow through properly will result in a shot that loses speed and accuracy. It has little chance of finding its target. Worse, you risk injuries to your arms and torso which are still completing their forward motion after unwinding. This article looks at the proper way to finish a golf swing.
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golf impact positioning

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Your body starts to unwind. Soon, a surge of pent-up energy will be unleashed. Slowly, it will be transferred from the club to the ball. As your body begins to shift its weight to your lead foot, your hips follow along, then the shoulders. As your torso becomes fully committed to unwinding and releasing its power forward, the arms and wrists finally become involved. This perfect united movement calls to mind the snapping of a whip. The clubface moves quickly from an open position to a closed one. The sweet spot is homing in on its target. Congratulations. You have done everything right to create the perfect golf impact position.
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Trajectory of the Downswing in Golf

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So far you have learned the proper setup technique and the wind-up, known as the backswing. The next stage of the golf swing is the downswing. The downswing in golf is the start of “showtime.”

At the top of the backswing, the properly positioned body is wound tightly, ready to unleash the power that is released during the properly executed golf downswing. In this article, we look at how to start the downswing.
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